Building and Marketing Your Digital Business on Wordpress

Wordpress is the ideal building block for small business web and e-commerce sites.

As we describe in the previous post one very popular option for building your e-commerce site is the combination of Wordpress + Woocommerce.

Wordpress is an open source ‘CMS’ (Content Management System), indeed it’s the world’s most popular CMS.

With the ability to customize the theme style design and an innumerable number of software plugins for tailoring the functionality, in essence you can use it to build any possible permutation of online business.

Practically speaking as a CMS this is within an overall domain of a content-centric site, it wouldn’t be the best technology choice to build an online accounting app for example.

Given the primary function of a web site is content it does mean that it can cater for a vast array of different online strategies, where a core activity is to have one or more authors contribute and edit content for the site, from blogs through products and community forums.

It can have more of a corporate feel than a community, such as these Wordpress showcase case studies for Cap Gemini and even the Whitehouse.

As a publishing platform WordPress is naturally ideal for media sites, such as newspapers and magazines. High profile case study examples include Rolling Stone magazineCanada.com, the New York Post, the NextWeb and the ESPN’s Undefeated, making it ideal for business ideas with that objective.

This publishing capability plus great styling makes it an ideal platform for businesses looking to greatly expand their online content marketing. This can be difficult to achieve with a static corporate site so Wordpress is ideal for spinning up a complimentary expert blog site; for example one like MIT Sloan.

SEO Marketing

Wordpress is ideal for enabling an effective digital marketing strategy, through using the CMS to publish great content and then to further leverage techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are many SEO plugins available. We use the the ‘Yoast‘ plugin, a module that handles all the grunt work of indexing all your posts and pages.

Their Beginners Guide to SEO provides a helpful guide explaining how this is achieved, and from that a primer into understanding how to write content that makes use of those features. This includes running a configuration wizard, so you can automate the first set up of your site.

Then on an ongoing basis you can post, and optimize, your content to exploit the many other features and characteristics of SEO marketing that the plugin makes possible, such as:

The site structure is also key. Not only do we index each and every article with search terms, but also the categories and tags too. For example also combining the Digital Scotland headline term with popular topics like Blockchain.

Every tag, category, page and post is indexed this way across our site, generating a powerful SEO site map, and so when adding your promotional article to the site we index it the same way so that it benefits from part of this larger footprint.


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