Digital Business

Small Business Guide to E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Best practices, case studies and vendor tool reviews for growing your small business online.

In this Internet age an online presence is essential and moreover, provides the tools to grow a local small business to a global scale.

From the Cloud to Low Code development to mobile apps and the Blockchain, a vast array of different technologies are available to small businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

There are also multiple possible digital business models: E-Commerce is the most well known but for other companies it may be appointment booking, membership communities, e-learning or even selling NFTs that is the best fit for their digital strategy.

All of this can prove confusing for non-technical businesses, and so our guide and supporting webinar series walks through each of these possible options in an accessible form, with supporting advice to map it to your business scenario.


AWS is expanding into the telecomms market via a multi-pronged strategy encompassing direct services and partner solutions.

Microsoft has acquired a deep Telco expertise and launched a solution set tailoring Azure for Cloud Native 5G networking.

VMware is helping Telcos like Rogers, Telia and Dish to Deploy 5G Cloud Native Network architecture, with a supporting partner ecosystem for onboarding and certifying CNFs.

Nirmata is an enterprise Kubernetes operations & management platform, designed to reduce complexity and drive DevOps agility.

Kubermatic enables service providers to run 5G from the cloud to the core data center to the edge on Kubernetes.

KubeSphere is an open source enterprise-grade container platform with full-stack automated IT operation and streamlined DevOps workflows.

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